Some Interesting Things To Know About Chinese Culture

Some Interesting Things To Know About Chinese Culture

The Chinese culture is one of the famous cultures across different nations of the world. But you might not be aware of some interesting things about their culture JinPaper. This article will give you some of the details on the same. Even though it is one of the most influential cultures globally, it still seems mysterious to some. So, here are a few things that will amaze you about Chinese culture. 

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Some interesting facts about the Chinese culture

  • They emphasize precisely on their family: It has been said that the Chinese value their family and place them beyond most of the other things in life. Family, children and marriage are some of the most important things for these people. Their family bonds are so strong that even after children are married, their parents and grandparents will still prefer living with them. It is also expected that the children look after their parents even after marriage. Moreover, family gathering and festivals play a major role in their lives. 
  • Traditional festivals are crucial: Traditional festivals of China are so important to the people living there. They truly have their beliefs set on these festivals, and some of them include the Dragon Boat Festival, Lantern Festival, Spring festival and Mid-autumn festival. 
  • Tea portrays your social status: This is yet another interesting fact about China. They love their tea, and your social status is portrayed on the type of tea you drink and the way you drink it – yes, it might be funny to other people out there, but the Chinese consider this to be an essential thing. Also, they welcome their visitors with a pot of tea since it is the country’s national beverage. 

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How do the Chinese pray? 

Most Chinese follow Daoism or Buddhism, which doesn’t require a weekly attendance in the temple, so most people stay home and offer their prayers to God. However, if there are any special occasions or difficult times, they will visit their temple or ask a priest to help them out. You will also see that there are quite many atheists in China. With all of this being said, you know that there are so many religions in this country.  

Further, there is a small minority of Chinese who are Christians. So, those who belong to this religion might go to church for their regular prayers and offerings to God. Apart from these, there are Christians who are part of underground churches and meet up in homes or forests to offer prayers since they fear prosecution. The Muslims residing in China can visit their local mosque to carry out their rituals. 

Also, Chinese Taoism and Buddhism incorporate prayers in their holy rituals. It is also said that in Taoism, prayers for the dead play a major role, especially during funeral rituals. They also have other prayers which are meant for vows and pilgrimages held there. Also, laymen and the Buddhist monks will be seen with a string of beads while they pray. 

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